Discover the advantages of DIREKT FORMING technologies
Discover the advantages of DIREKT FORMING technologies

DIREKT FORM's technology chain presents many advantages in all aspects of patternless mould making for large and complex cast parts.
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Benefits at a glance

Greater flexibility

  • Flexible use of free capacities

  • Individual services and complete solutions as needed

  • Flexible data basis – draft, old part, new design

  • Last-minute changes can be made given a virtual pattern

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Maximum process reliability

  • Professional project management

  • Casting based on 3D CAD data

  • Preliminary check of final geometry

  • Casting simulation

  • Machining close to final contour with CNC milling machines

  • Precision mould assembly

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Shorter delivery times

  • Rapid mould making

  • No pattern = time saved

  • Just-in-time delivery

  • Rapid mould assembly by DIREKT FORM

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Low overall costs

  • No pattern and no storage costs

  • Minimal finishing thanks to machining close to the final contour

  • Highly complex geometries made easy

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