Maximum time savings
Maximum time savings

DIREKT FORM works without a physical pattern, which can considerably reduce the manufacturing effort and thereby also the delivery time.

Shorter delivery times

Rapid mould making

We create your mould in about one quarter of the time required by techniques that use a wood or plastic pattern. You therefore ensure timely delivery of prototypes and set the stage for the subsequent series order.

No pattern = time saved

DIREKT FORM works without a physical pattern. Instead of making a mould around a pattern, the mould, core and cavities for the casting system are machined close to the final contour by DIREKT FORMING. Our technology does not require any pattern removal from the mould – meaning there is no need for draft angles, demoulding radii or loose parts. That way we considerably reduce the manufacturing effort for large and complex casting moulds and offer outstanding quality.

Just-in-time delivery

When do you have free capacity at your foundry? We will organize ourselves accordingly and deliver the mould just-in-time.

Rapid mould assembly by DIREKT FORM

So that the mould assembly goes smoothly at your foundry, our rehearsed assembly team performs this task for you. After planning and prior trial assembly, they put together full moulds within a few hours.