Benefits at a glance

Greater flexibility

  • Flexible use of free capacities

  • Individual services and complete solutions as needed

  • Flexible data basis – draft, old part, new design

  • Last-minute changes can be made given a virtual pattern

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Maximum process reliability

  • Professional project management

  • Casting based on 3D CAD data

  • Preliminary check of final geometry

  • Casting simulation

  • Machining close to final contour with CNC milling machines

  • Precision mould assembly

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Shorter delivery times

  • Rapid mould making

  • No pattern = time saved

  • Just-in-time delivery

  • Rapid mould assembly by DIREKT FORM

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Low overall costs

  • No pattern and no storage costs

  • Minimal finishing thanks to machining close to the final contour

  • Highly complex geometries made easy

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