Precision through digital data
Precision through digital data

A 3D CAD dataset is the basis for producing a casting mould. It is used to create the blank and design the casting mould, and ensures data-consistent communication between all parties involved.


We create a 3D CAD dataset in advance for every casting. This forms the basis for communications between all departments and partners involved in the design and manufacture during the entire production process. Based on this dataset, the blank is created and optimized, the casting mould designed and simulations run on the casting behaviour..

Maximizing process reliability

Communication based on a uniform set of data avoids misunderstandings and minimizes error rates. Work process efficiency is also increased and a consistently high level of quality is maintained. Manufacture only takes place after careful checking and final approval by the customer.

Reverse engineering from old parts, drawings or drafts

As a complete provider, we always work from a 3D CAD dataset of each casting for the subsequent manufacturing steps. Creating this dataset is therefore part of our services, and can be ordered as an individual service if needed. Should you have no existing 3D CAD dataset, we can create the corresponding 3D CAD part data from technical drawings or drafts. If you have only an old part for which no drawings exist anymore, we offer to reverse engineer a reconstruction of the corresponding casting. We can even follow this up with optimization to the latest state of the art. 

Optimization of castings

In many cases, it is worthwhile to make optimizations when manufacturing new parts, especially when it comes to long-lasting replacement parts. By making geometric adaptations and simulations based on 3D CAD data and by using up-to-date materials, DIREKT FORM thereby helps you procure replacement parts that befit the current state of the art.