Efficient processes
Efficient processes

DIREKT FORM makes sure all processes run smoothly at all levels: from data-consistent communication, to running casting simulations, to machining close to contour and precision mould assembly.

Maximum process reliability

Professional project management

Our Project Management remains your contact partner during the entire project duration. From planning to performance, our PM ensures fast, straightforward communication between all parties involved and guarantees due delivery as ordered.

Casting based on 3D CAD data

We create a 3D CAD dataset in advance for every casting. This guarantees overarching data consistency throughout all process stages and smooth operations between the individual departments during the entire project.

Preliminary check of final geometry

The customer can check the virtual data pattern created using 3D CAD in all details, and any desired changes will be accommodated right up to the last minute. As soon as the customer approves the data, the mould will be manufactured.

Casting simulation

If necessary, casting simulations will be run, working from the virtual pattern. This minimizes risks from the outset and ensures a casting of highest quality.

Machining close to the final contour with CNC milling machines

The mould segments are constructed based on the 3D CAD part data and then the NC data for machining are produced using CAM programs. Special CNC milling machines then machine even very large segments for the casting mould from the mould material. Machining close to the final contour minimizes the amount of finishing. Large moulds consisting of many core blocks can be built with minimal tolerances.

Precision mould assembly

Smooth mould assembly at your foundry increases process reliability and shortens delivery times.