DIREKT FORM is a specialized foundry and casting service provider based in Freiberg in Saxony, Germany. Founded in December 2001, the medium-sized business has successfully established itself as a complete provider for large and complex castings. With our many years of experience in the casting industry, and with a team of highly motivated employees, we offer tailored solutions for our customers – from foundries to system builders.


DIREKT FORM is specialized in the customer- and project-oriented application of rapid prototyping technologies in the foundry and casting market. Based on 3D CAD data, we produce casting moulds without a physical pattern at exceptionally high quality within the shortest of times.

Over the years, DIREKT FORM's efficient network of special foundries and machinists has expanded into a flexible technology chain. The partners are coordinated by DIREKT FORM Project Management. This ensures high efficiency and process reliability, and thus an optimized casting. Professional customer service rounds off DIREKT FORM's range of services, making us a reliable partner.


Forming the foundation of our conscientious job handling and professional work practices are the values held and lived out by DIREKT FORM and its employees: Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness. We build trusting business relationships with our customers and, with engineering expertise, develop future-proof solutions for the optimum design, use or procurement of castings. That makes DIREKT FORM a specialist for custom castings and a reliable partner during the entire course of the project.



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