Tailored solutions: Economical. High Quality. Rapid.
Tailored solutions: Economical. High Quality. Rapid.

Do you need a single casting? A small batch? Do you have no pattern, or are pattern costs too high? Then talk to DIREKT FORM. We will manufacture an individual casting mould for you.

Single parts & small batch production

If producing a conventional pattern out of wood or plastic is uneconomical, especially for a one-off casting, then that is precisely where the advantages of our technology come in. With us, you dispense with the physical pattern and receive a high-quality end product tailored specifically to your needs in relatively short time.

Tailored solutions

As the customer, you are king. Together with you, we develop a solution to every challenge, tailored to your individual needs. Every request for changes to the part geometry and in the casting system can be accommodated at every stage of the project.

Project management

Close coordination with internal and external resources results in a clearly structured project plan. From the dataset to the finished component, you get everything from one source.

Cost effectiveness

Machining the shape of the mould precisely out of the block results in a precision contour mould irrespective of size and complexity. DIREKT FORM is able to manufacture your product at low overall cost and within the shortest of delivery times.