Active and rational problem-solving
Active and rational problem-solving

System downtimes result in high costs. That is where our method comes in. Use DIREKT FORMING for urgently needed replacement parts. For old parts with lacking or incomplete datasets, we are your contact for 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

pciture: Borsig ZM

Replacement parts & reverse engineering

Old systems especially are known to present certain challenges: often, there are only incomplete datasets, or perhaps only an old part to work from. Using our reverse engineering technology, however, we are able to manufacture replacement parts in the shortest of time.

Reverse engineering

Using our reverse engineering technology, we are able to produce a 3D CAD dataset and an exact reconstruction of your replacement parts from any existing data stock (be it a draft, technical drawing or old reference part). DIREKT FORM offers the additional service of adapting and improving the product characteristics. 

Exact reconstruction

Irrespective of the size or shape of the replacement part you require, using special DIREKT FORMING technology, extremely fine and complex geometries can be made with ease.  

Fastest creation of perfect moulds

Because the casting mould is machined directly out of a block of moulding material, DIREKT FORM works without a physical pattern, and therefore offers an environmentally friendly alternative. You receive your replacement part in just a quarter of the time and without any loss of quality. Thanks to our intelligent DIREKT FORMING technologies, we assure you optimum results within the shortest of delivery times.