When producing prototypes, conventional manufacture of patterns is time-consuming and expensive, and offers no flexibility for making changes to geometries and materials. Many component manufacturers have their prototypes manufactured as a steel construction. The disadvantage of this is that it does not match the later series in either function or appearance.

DIREKT FORM has the capacity to manufacture a production-quality prototype. This saves you time and money, and places no limits on the size or geometry. Casting simulations run in advance on the virtual pattern can minimize risks and ensure the quality of the casting.

Everything from one source

From the design, to manufacture, to final machining of the casting, DIREKT FORM stands at your side as a competent partner during all phases of the project. Benefit from our long-standing relations with foundries and obtain your prototypes directly from one source.

Short delivery times

Time to market plays an important role especially when it comes to prototypes: we manufacture your mould in one quarter of the time. With us, you save time and money – with high-quality solutions.

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