Moulds, cores, mould segments for sand casting

Especially when it comes to large single parts, small batches or complex geometries, classical pattern making quickly reaches its technical and economical limits.

No limits to shape, weight or size

We can fit large and core-intensive moulds precisely together with minimal tolerances. That means there are no limits to the final shape, size or weight of the finished casting.

Complex geometries made easy

Because no physical pattern needs to be worked, the draft angles that would normally be required for demoulding can be omitted. That allows significantly finer as well as more complex geometries to be created. This in turn reduces the number of cores required, while also allowing elaborate and heavy cores to be produced and stabilized with reinforcements.

Quality through smooth cooperation

Our close relations to foundries are an enormous advantage. Right from the design phase, we actively discuss the foundry conditions and the casting system. Any necessary foundry accessories are already integrated into the virtual pattern and introduced into the mould. To make sure final assembly at the foundry goes smoothly, a trial assembly and quality inspection are performed beforehand. We will also gladly transport the product to your foundry or your customer's premises.

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