Lamination moulds
Lamination moulds

Increasingly large plastic parts and shorter production cycles continually force manufacturers to adopt new tool concepts.

DIREKT FORM allows cost efficiency, shorter delivery times and intelligent tool design.

Lamination moulds

Compared to classical machining/milling processes, castings produced by DIREKT FORMING are not only less expensive, but also boast greater diversity and shorter manufacturing times (rapid tooling). There also exists the option of contour-parallel integration of heating and cooling systems, by which controllability can be significantly improved in the later production processes.


In addition to material and cost savings, the cast tools also are significantly lighter in weight. That allows them to be heated and cooled more precisely, rapidly and at lower cost in their later application.

Quality from a single casting

With DIREKT FORMING, even room-sized tools can be produced from a single casting. Minimal finishing saves time and money.

Active temperature control

Employing the DIREKT FORM casting method, contour-parallel heating systems can be integrated into tools without the need for difficult, costly deep hole drilling. That way, temperatures can be optimally controlled and shorter cycle times achieved in the later production process.